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Slowness and listening are time and body dimensions, able to involve forces and resistances interesting as for expressiveness, useful to find one’s own creative rhythm.

Searching for the inner rhythm it helps to disclose our root in depth, movable part, dynamic, damp and strong, taking us far away from the cliché we assumed, elsewhere as opposed to the mask the routine gives us.

Signs hooked into the notebook, marks that belong to each of us, evoke the creative invisible energy, free and powerful that touched the emotions of those hours together; it transformed them in colors, words, signs and drawings. Pages. Spaces.

To be that place, that book, to be the art work you make with your own hands: it’s the choice to recognize yourself, alone and together, struggling, in peace sometimes, ready to play, to change rules, to reveal and hide. 

The Wandering Book survives changing continuously. Since the very first contact It establishes with the artist, the poet, the person who aims to bring It to life, this Book questions him on his origin, about the message he takes care of faithfully within himself: the poet himself, the person, the artist is its best hiding place. 

The Wandering Book lays a beautiful and patient challenge, to let the one who creates the Book feel the power between his hands and the energy of emotions that touch, bind, mend, give peace and heed to the body, ground a place where the experiences and ideas, which more deeply liven up the subject, become work of art. Hands and words are allies, they mark our passage, they need our confidence to scream and whisper, hit and caress, choose.

There’re not rules in the Wandering Book, but routes we already walked through and which led us to spaces full of wonder, places we like to share.