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Natural Dyeing

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... since childhood red has always been my favorite color, but when you say “red” the idea we have of “red” is extremely subjective; in my case the red can range from red-orange until you get almost to brown. So when I use the cochineal, I always end up tacking the natural carmine of this insect to the warmest vermilion, and I rejoice with all the senses of the deep and brilliant results on the  raw wool of the mayan textiles of Chiapas. When I then use the same cochineal on cotton , the pale pink that results when dry sends me into depression and so I'm struck by an immediate need to dip in a new color bath the fabric just dyed, turning the pink into a beautifull orange or in a warm brown. This approach in search of the color will be the starting point for the experimentation in which we’ll focus on.

Natural Dyeing

Natural Dyeing Week

Maddalena Forcella

15 > 31 May 2015

Green Innovation Factory

Piazza Manifattura 1

Rovereto TN Italy

Natural Dyeing Week

three workshop

This time the focus will be on animal fabers, celulose fibers, natural painting-print and the use of color as a research, a journey to be travelled in stages, through which, by using overlays and working with different techniques, we will try to recreate some of the many nuances that "our" tonality - the one that we carry within us or which we feel the need at a given time - can take on interacting with others in the dyeing process.

registration closed 31st March, 2015


1° workshop

two days

15 > 16 May

Natural Dyeing



wool & silk

2° workshop

three days

17 > 19 May

Natural Dyeing

cellulose fabrics

coton & linen

3° workshop

three days

20 > 22 May

Natural Dyeing

painting printing

all fabrics

exhibition of maddalena Forcella Museo Textile de Oaxaca