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The goal is to link education, creativity, ethical production, marketing and consumer awareness through the presentation of sustainable contents that embrace sustainable art and innovation.

It aims to become the reference point for schools, businesses and families who can recognize the importance and the desire to draw a new way forward in the creation of eco-designed fabrics 
in favour of all human and humanly sustainable practices.

Italian Felt Academy is the starting point, and  of arrival at the same time, for a journey into experimentation and the research on expressive possibilities of an apparently poor material, 
yet extremely valuable.

Building a culture of "Innovative Fabric" with organic wool and natural fibers, but above all an indispensable opportunity to put into question, with joyful passion and clear disillusionment, 
myths and rituals of the fashion industry which shows signs of a deep crisis with painful urgency, indicating the need for a systematic refoundation of principles and values of real sustainability in production.

Felt in the era of globalization, which has inevitably changed the operating modes of artistic research as well, can become a reason to recover the link with the past rediscovering the surprising vitality of a material constantly threatened by new technologies, yet always willing to transform itself in order to remain itself.
New roads can be groped. IFA is trying to prove it.

A passion that becomes a philosophy of life.

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