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Soul Dress

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the dress of your soul

“ the beauty of im_perfection ”

sustainability is what you live and not what you make

It’s a philosophy and not a style

your personal handwriting and not the stamp of others

this masterclass is an opportunity to understand and practice the principles of today’s felt fashion design with full respect for sustainability. it will be an intensive week of working together. part of it will be dedicated to experiment printing, colors, shapes and techniques.

you will work under my personal direction in a small group of experienced felt makers, which will stir up precious synergistic effects.

and your individual project will receive the deserved attention.

master class is open to experienced

designer & stylist & feltmaker

« the dress of your soul » beyond material …

the masterclass is aimed at those who want to go beyond material. it is dedicated to those who have consolidated the techniques and want to deal with another way of thinking and look at their individual talent through group dynamics.
Eight days of intensive work using wool, textiles, paper, natural dye and a great desire to explore new frontiers.

playing with shapes, volumes, colors, values, images and find out the possible existence of your own spirit - intuitive and creative, new.

Teaching languages: Italian (English)

Report 2013: The dress of your soul


agostina zwilling’s masterclass

25 > 31 may , 2015

piazza manifattura 1

rovereto tn italy

green innovation factory